Load Bank

Gino Load Banks

Application: Check the performance data of the prime mover, the data of the electric mains supply, the performance of the generator, regulator and cable

Voltages/ Frequency:

  • 380V    50Hz
  • 440V    60Hz
  • 200V    400Hz
  • 112V    DC
  • 28V     DC


  • 350kW at 380V 50Hz or 440V 60Hz
  • 350kW at 440V 60Hz
  • 125kW at 200V 400Hz
  • 60kW at 200V 400Hz

Cooling: Natural Convection or Fan cooling
Available for stationary installation, trailer mounted and truck mounted
Figures listed above stand for standardized equipment. Load bank can be customized to meet higher or lower performance
Customization factory-installed options available