About Us

Avia Equipment Pte Ltd (“Avia” or “Avia Equipment”), is a Singapore based company  established in 1989. We distribute a wide range of well-known high quality Aircraft Ground Support Equipment (“GSE”) used for supporting airlines’ operations, airport ramp operations, aircraft maintenance repairs and overhaul (“MRO”) activities. We also deal with aircraft components repair and overhaul activities, representing some world leading MROs.

The products distributed by us  are manufactured by world leading GSE manufacturers from Europe and USA. Products include ground power units / systems, aircraft air conditioning units, tow tractors, cargo loaders, hydraulic service carts/test equipment, wheels and brakes shop equipment, air data test set etc.

Being in the GSE business for over 30 years, Avia Equipment has established ourselves as a leading GSE supplier in the Southeast Asian and Chinese markets. We are a one-stop solution GSE supplier with excellent technical knowledge and are capable of providing excellent aftersales services for a wide range of GSE products.

In addition, Avia Equipment also provides engineering consultancy services on aircraft ground power systems and ground service pits installation for airport and aircraft maintenance hangars.

Avia’s personnel are well trained and dedicated in the sales and servicing of aircraft ground support equipment. Our success is attributed to their extensive experience and the company’s firm commitment in providing efficient after-sales service and product support. We are also a Singapore Bizsafe 3 certified company, in compliance with Singapore’s strict risk management regulations