Hydraulic Cart

HT2000 Hydraulic Cart

3000PSI Electric/ Diesel Driven Hydraulic Cart
Single Output or Dual Output


3000/5000PSI Electric / Diesel Driven Hydraulic Cart
3000PSI on Output 1
5000PSI on Output 2

Ground Check Motor (HRT)

HRT-01 for Airbus A320/ A330/A340 series and B747-8
HRT-02 for Boeing 787
HRT-05 for Airbus A350
HRT-06 for A220
HRT-07 for Embraer series / COMAC ARJ-21

Hydraulic Fluid Purifier

Standalone Unit with integrated particle counter/ water sensor
Removes particles, water and gases from hydraulic fluids

Flow Control Unit

Used for RAT testing

Internal Leakage Tester HTT

Measure the internal leakage of aircraft hydraulic systems according to ITCAN or TARAN test procedures.
High accuracy flowmeter operated by touchscreen
Available for all type of aircrafts