Data Loader

Portable Data Loader

Brand: Aero Instruments
Model: 11615-50

Features of PDL 11615-50

  • ARINC 615A, ARINC 615-3 and ARINC 603 load capabilities
  • ARINC 615A over Ethernet capability.
  • Ruggedized design for harsh flightline environments
  • Accepts Floppy Disk, CD, DVD and USB external media
  • High capacity solid state Mass Storage Device (MSD)
  • No Mechanical hard drives to crash (MSD is a flash drive)
  • Data Management Software (enable operators to configure SPs from their desktop/ laptop. The Software Parts can be configured by LRU (Line Replaceable Unit), aircraft type and customer for added control.
  • External media verification before load attempt
  • Easy to use “Soft Button” controls
  • Accepts any AC power 90–264 VAC (45–500 Hz) and DC power 24–32 VDC
  • 2 year warranty
  • Option for USB drive unit- PDL 11615-50ModA

PDL 11615-50 Technical Brochure