Hybrid Tow Tractors

Brand: Volk

Hybrid Tow Tractors – Tractors for the combined use in indoor and outdoors areas

Hybrid tow tractors are towing vehicles that have both an electric motor and a diesel engine. Thus they are primarily used whenever the application conditions require emission-free operation in closed rooms as well as covering comparably long routes outdoors.

This is especially important in airports: Baggage tractors usually have to cover large distances between the terminal buildings and parking positions of the airplanes. While they drive in diesel mode when they are outside the apron, they can be switched to electric propulsion when they enter the inside baggage handling areas. This advantage is also very important in many industrial applications, especially when distances are too long to be covered by electric tractors or when continuous multi shift operation makes it difficult to recharge batteries.

Volk offers Hybrid Tow Tractors in 3 different capacities – 20, 30, 40 Tons.