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Air Data Test Set & Ground Test Equipment

Flightline/Mobile Air Data Test Set

  • Model: MPS XX
  • Application: Troubleshooting, leak testing and certification of aircraft pitot-static systems.
  • Enable rapid calibration of altimeters, airspeed indicators, mach indicators, vertical speed indicators, Air Data Computers (ADC) and other avionic pitot-static components.
  • Brand: D. Marchiori (DMA)

Laboratory Air Data Test Set

  • Model: MPS36
  • Application: The ADTS can be used in avionics ATE systems for automated pitot-static testing through RS232 and/or GPIB/IEEE488
  • An internal or external rack mounted pump unit can be supplied as an option
  • Digitally controlled through a keyboard
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Brand: D. Marchiori (DMA)

Pressure Indicator

  • Model: PAMB3, PAMB6 and PAMB 7
  • Application: Accurate, continuous reading of atmospheric range pressures.
  • Ultra high pressure resolution
  • Useful for calibration of pressure controllers
  • Brand: D. Marchiori (DMA)

Pitot-Static Adaptors

  • Available singly or in a comprehensive kit
  • Kits feature the vacuum hold down fixtures on the Static adaptors

D.Marchiori (DMA)’s range of equipment also includes:

  • Angle Protractors
  • Tilt Tables
  • Tacho Testers
  • Temperature Testers

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