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Aircraft Jacks

Chiarlone Tripod Jacks

With capacities ranging from 2 to 200 tons, Chiarlone tripod jacks are available with manual or pneumatic valves, or can be electrically driven. The system can also be fully automated, with automatic ring nut safety locks. Chiarlone Jacks are built with a modern design which combines high efficiency, quality, and safety through state of art technology. Lifetime service and overhaul are guaranteed through spare parts availability of the product.

Chiarlone’s line of tripod jacks covers all models for commercial, regional and military aircrafts.

Chiarlone Axle Jacks

The Chiarlone range of axle jacks from 1 to 150 tons is the result of many years of experience in engineering and design. It has been developed to meet customer expectations in terms of use, safety, lifetime and spare parts availability.

Chiarlone product a vast range of axle and alligator axle jacks for both military and civil aircraft.

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