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Aircraft Wheel & Brake Workshop Equipment

Dynamic Universal Bead Breaker – DUBB

  • Specially designed for the latest generation of radial tires
  • Suitable for the Michelin NZG tire for A340-500/600 and A380.
  • Brand: KUNZ

Universal Bead Breaker – UBB

  • Electro-hydraulically driven machine for removal of suitable for radial and bias aircraft tires
  • Requiring no adapters to break different tire sizes without break noise.
  • Hydraulically driven wheel positioning trolley
  • Swiveling stoppers
  • Small bead breaker for smaller aircraft tires is also available
  • Brand: KUNZ

UAS Universal Assembly/Disassembly Stand for aircraft split wheels

  • Electro-hydraulically powered
  • One man operated
  • Comfortable working height adjustment.
  • High-precision wheel adapters.
  • Models: UAS90 and UAS180
  • Brand: KUNZ

Universal Torque System

  • A dual spindle nut runner/setter system
  • Computer controlled torque up to 420 Nm or 520Nm
  • Electrically driven spindles adjustable in distance to cover a range of bolt diameters for all aircraft wheels.
  • PC computer controls
  • Simple programming and recording of torque data
  • Programmes can be set for different wheel models and the associated torque or angle parameters
  • Brand: KUNZ

Brake Test Stand (BTS)

  • Also known as hydraulic test stand
  • Application: Hydraulic pressure check of all aircraft brakes
  • Available either with a foot pump or an electrically operated pump.
  • Stainless steel work table
  • Large liquid filled pressure gauges with an drag pointer
  • Brand: KUNZ

Kunz’s range of equipment also includes:

  • Universal Torque Tools (UTT)
  • Universal Loosening Tools (ULT)
  • Universal Tire Grip (UTG)
  • Universal Rim Handling Device (UTR)
  • Wheel Lift
  • Rim Pull
  • Tire Test System (TTS)
  • Brake Build Up Stand (BBS)

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