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400Hz Rotary Frequency Converter

  • Compact design because of the monoshaft arrangement – no alignment of the whole machine is necessary. The total length of the machine-set can be reduced up to 50% resulting also in lower weight.
  • Air inflow and outflow ducts are possible
  • The power factor of the motor is automatically controlled from 0.9 to 1.0 at 50% to 100% of nominal load.
  • Higher efficiency because of just 1 fan, 1 exciter machine and 2 bearings
  • No wear parts like clutch or brushes, just 2 bearings instead of 4
  • Higher MTBF-value (meantime between failure): more than 50 000 hrs. of monoshaft converter.
  • Instead of one rotating start up resistor a reliable and roust starter winding is used.
  • Patented exciter system
  • Maintenance friendly through parts are easy of access.

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